The Pens.

Introducing the family of writing excellence.

Connecting pen to paper is the purest transfer of the mind’s content into the world. The most important inventions, mathematical derivations, and musical compositions started with a pen and paper. Research has also shown the profoundly positive impact that connecting our mind to paper has on our ability to express, learn, and remember. Through invention, advanced engineering, and precision manufacturing, we now offer a family of pens that inspire creativity and define the standard of writing excellence.

Stop and draw the roses.


Few things in our non-stop digital world are more important than shutting down anything with a power button, picking up a favorite writing implement, and losing time to discover our imagination.

Featured Technologies

Continuous Cam
Write away, right away.

The mechanism is the heart and soul of the pen. Our proprietary Continuous Cam technology is what lives inside each of our pens. It’s clean, crisp, and intuitive. A half-twist in any direction to extend the ink tip and a half-twist in any direction to retract. Twist to open, twist to close; any way is the right way.


Any Ink
Any ink—yours.

What you put on paper is a reflection of you and that’s why your ink choice should fit your personal brand. The internal architecture of The Pen was designed to be compatible with over 35 different “G2-style” refills and for The Slim Pen and The Compact Pen, over 30 different “Parker-style” refills, so that you can choose the ink that suits you


Textured Grip
Grip light. Hold fast.

These machined gripping surfaces are designed to reduce the pressure required to achieve a confident hold. The Pen and The Compact Pen feature Textured Grip, a knurled surface, while The Slim Pen utilizes Texture Grip Lite, a less-aggressive-yet-equally-effective grooved surface. Both comfortable and sure grips that hold whether for hours of creative work or a quick note on the go.


Super Clip
Keeping your pen right there.

A pen should always be accessible, which is why the Super Clip was designed to secure the pen, no matter where you clip it. This low-profile design maintains clip-force through its range of motion. Super Clip is featured in The Pen and The Compact Pen.


Well Appointed Options

Great choices are yours.

The Pen

Original, now, even better.
Designed for G2-style refills.

The Pen

Options Al $99.00


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The Compact Pen

Compact form-factor.
Designed for Parker-style refills.

The Compact Pen

Options Al $99.00


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The Slim Pen

Slimmest form-factor.
Designed for Parker-style refills.

The Slim Pen

Options Al $79.00

Options Ti $129.00

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With a commitment to excellence, all our pens are built with the same Continuous Cam technology that we’ve refined since its inception in The Pen. Across our entire line, a variety of form-factors and finish options are offered in three styles: The Pen, The Compact Pen, and The Slim Pen. All are designed to provide maximum creative control in all you do.