The Pen. Rewritten.

Introducing The Pen that rewrites them all.

The purest transfer of our mind’s content to the world happens when you connect pen to paper. Science has shown the profoundly positive impact that connection has on our ability to express, learn, and remember. Through invention, advanced engineering, and precision manufacturing, this pen was designed to inspire confidence in all you put forth; it was designed to rewrite them all.


Write away, right away.

Twist to open, twist to close; any way is the right way.

The pen’s heart and soul is its mechanism. We designed a mechanism that’s as robust as it is crisp and intuitive. Our ContinuousCam technology allows for a clean interaction: a half-twist in any direction to extend the pen tip and a half-twist in any direction to retract the pen tip. Simple, predictable, and affirming.


Room to clip with forces that grip.

Keeping your pen where it should be—right there.

A pen should always be accessible, which is why we designed this clip to secure the pen, no matter where you clip it. This low-profile design maintains clip-force through its range of motion.


Grip light. Hold fast.

A comfortable grip that holds.

This pen is as comfortable to use for hours of creative work as it is quickly signing your name. This was achieved by designing a grip utilizing a time–tested knurled texture. Gentle pressure is all that’s required to maintain a steady grasp.


Any ink—yours.

Use the ink that fits your personal brand.

What you put on paper is a reflection of you. The kind of ink you prefer to write, sign, or think with is a personal choice, which is why the pen was designed with that freedom of self-expression in mind. The internal design allows you to choose from over 35 different ink refills and styles so that you can choose the ink that suits—you.


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